The facilitation skills that I learned, and that have now become seeded throughout the state system via other trainees, will spawn immeasurable change through future years. I stand in awe at the impact you have had on Washington State.

Rand Daley, Former Assistant Director, State of Washington Retirement Systems Olympia, WA

“This is the next level of facilitation… The seminar teaches you to use your whole brain.” —
Barry Lubart, IBM Corporation, Armonk, NY

“[The seminar]… could be life changing. If you are open to it, it will be. In fact, from this you could change the world.” —
Peter Bonyun, Department of Community Development, Port Townsend, WA

“This seminar might have been the best training I ever had. I just facilitated my 9:00 Friday morning meeting and people said it was the best we have had.” —
Jim Rumpeltes, Clallam County Administrator, Port Angeles, WA

“Dynamic Facilitation will shake up many of your preconceived concepts about group process. And it works!” —
Reena Bernards, Conflict Resolution Trainer, Washington, DC

“I learned how to look at problems or situations with my inner eyes, seeing things with color rather than black and white.” —
John Weyrick, H.J. Ford, Inc., Fairborn, OH

“It recognizes WORTH!!! I love it!… This process helps create a culture of quality in our organizations.” —
Maria Albertina Veiga Edison, Electric Institute, Washington, DC

“It’s practical, it’s authentic, it links concept and theory to everyday life. This is where it’s at!” —
Peter Faid, Facilitator & Consultant, Edmonton, Alberta

“I found a way to facilitate for monumental change. It took me to a place I never knew existed and made me wonder why I had not already been there.”

—Glenn Floyd, OD/HR Internal Consultant, Champion International, Sartell, MN

“Participants have an opportunity to experience growth that will transform relationships in all facets of life – home, work, society, and beyond.” –
–Glenn Ballard, Senior Consultant, All America Financial

“A mind-expanding experience of an alternative approach to group discussion and problem-solving.” —
Carol Chetkovich, former Professor, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

“Thank you for teaching Dynamic Facilitation in Germany last year. It was a great seminar and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I remember how you said “Imagine me being in tears watching you performing great in Dynamic Facilitation!”. And so this past October and November, you must have been in tears… I was stunned about the success of my second Dynamic Facilitation experience.” —Karin Reuter, European student of Dynamic Facilitation

“There is a “movement in the air”—-an exciting renaissance of interest in conversation as a transformational tool, and its potential as a wellspring for much-need social change. ”

—Rosa Zubizarreta, Diapraxis, USA